5 CER Hosts Members from 1 CER

CO 5 CER, LCol Levasseur, and Regimental Sergeant-Major, CWO Rivard, thank Maj Southwood and his team from 1 CER, Capt Lake and MWO Lapointe.
Publication Date 
22 Mar 2012

By Capt Cheung, Intelligence Officer, 5 CER

5th Combat Engineer Regiment (5 CER) hosted members of the 1st Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER) on February 29th. The aim of this meeting was to present feedback to 5 CER leadership regarding their deployment to close out OP ATHENA under the Mission Transition Task Force (MTTF).

As an Engineering Regiment, 1 CER has played a substantial role in this mission while closing the Canadian facilities, restoring contaminated sites and transferring infrastructure to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) partners. During these operations, 1 CER acquired unequalled in-depth knowledge within Canadian Military Engineering.

Although this was a mission closure, the lessons learned will influence operations when 5 CER join Task Force 3- 12, which could be deployed as the first rotation to open a mission. This meeting also enabled members to highlight best practices regarding follow-up and Canadian equipment and infrastructure accountability.

The second objective of the visit was also to allow fellow engineers to talk in a less formal context. As well, since all the members of 1 CER are former 5 CER members, this was a golden opportunity to see old colleagues again.

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