How to Edit Your Personal Profile

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Changing Your Password

The first thing you need to do when you join is to change your password. It is also a good idea that once you complete your profile, you change it again every six to 12 months. Start by going to the ‘Editing Your Personal Profile’ page on the website ( ).

To change your password, log in using the password Membee initially assigned or your old password, click on the button ‘View Profile / Edit Profile’. The ‘Login Preferences & Security’ panel is right at the top of your profile.

Editing Your Personal Profile

To make changes to your profile, simply go to the appropriate ‘Editing Your Personal Profile’ page on the website page on the website, log in and click on the ‘View Profile / Edit Profile’ box. Scroll down and change, add or delete information as appropriate. This is particularly important when you first join to ensure the posted information is complete and accurate.

Membership Number

One of the most requested pieces of information asked for by members is, “What is my membership number?” In the new system, once you log in, your membership number is front and center. You will need your membership number to participate in some of our affinity programs.

Paying Your Dues

Paying your dues has become easier. When it is time to renew your membership, you will receive an email reminder. The email will provide a link to an online invoice that opens on the web site. Once there, you can make a payment for one or more years as you wish. If you would rather not pay online, you can still send a cheque directly to the Registrar.


The CMEA Registrar can answer all your questions and concerns. You can also use the form on the Editing page ( Whether it is when your membership is due for renewal, changing your email address, how to access various features, he can be contacted at any time.