L/Cpl John Aubrey Clifton - Military Medal - 5th Field Company

Military Medal

Lance-Corporal Clifton, 5th Canadian Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, has displayed, whenever the occasion arose, courage of a high degree. On D-Day, he volunteered to swim ashore with his platoon officer from a Landing Craft Infantry which had been grounded 100 yards offshore during the early stages of the landing. Lance-Corporal Clifton, despite the very heavy sea and intense enemy small arms fire, succeeded in reaching the shore. He located three sections of sappers and delivered an extremely important message. Lance-Corporal Clifton's exemplary devotion to duty, determination and courage were the means whereby these three sections of sappers were enabled to carry out their operational role with was of high priority. In addition, Lance-Corporal Clifton has at all times shown himself to be a keen soldier and an excellent Non-Commissioned Officer. His leadership, efficiency, drive and his willingness to do more than his share has obtained the maximum effort from the men under his command.