Maj George Kenneth Wade, 12th Field Company, Distinguished Service Order


On 25 August 1944, 12 Canadian Field Company under command of Major Wade was allotted the task of supporting 1 Canadian Infantry Division in their assault across the River Metauro. At first light on 26 August 1944 Major Wade personally carried out a complete reconnaissance of the crossings over the river, and also the laterals north and south of the river. During the period of his reconnaissance, the crossings over the river, and particularly the laterals north of the river, were subject to a considerable amount of small arms, mortar and artillery fire. As a result of Major Wade's determination and initiative in carrying out his reconnaissance and the leadership shown by him in during the execution of his company's tasks, sufficient routes were opened and developed to ensure the very early arrival of supporting arms, thus assisting greatly in the establishment of a firm bridgehead for the division. Again on 14 September 1944, 12 Field Company were in support of 1 Canadian Infantry Division in their assault across the River Marano and again Major Wade determinedly made a personal and complete reconnaissance of his company's tasks before committing the company. In the course of this reconnaissance, Major Wade was pinned down by small arms fire and mortar fire on several occasions but continued on with his reconnaissance until he had obtained all the necessary information he required to enable his company to carry out their tasks successfully, if at all possible. Owing to heavy mortar and artillery fire it was not possible to commit the company to its tasks until two days later, but as a result of Major Wade's detailed early reconnaissance, onec committed the company were able very quickly to open the routes across the river to traffic and thereby assist the rapid advance of the division. The perseverance and courage shown by Major Wade in and above the line of duty was an outstanding example for all under his command. His initiative and outstanding leadership were great factors in the successful execution of all his company's tasks and as a result the work carried out by 12 Canadian Field Company contributed greatly to the final and complete success of the operation.