Lt Victor Alexander Moore, 1st Field Company, Military Cross


On 13 October 1944, 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade supported by a squadron of Lord Strathcona Horse were fighting their way forward along Highway 9, south of Trigosa. Intense rifle, machine gun, mortar and artillery fire had pinned down the leading infantry astride the river at Map Reference, 6, 64032 and they were unable to advance without tank support. This support was unable to get forward on account of large roadblocks built of wine barrels (filled with stone), trees, farm carts and concrete blocks at Map Reference, 6, 6, 6031. An armoured angledozer in charge of Lieutenant Victor Alexander Moore was sent forward to deal with these roadblocks. Due to darkness and restricted vision in this machine, the operator was unable to see. Lieutenant Moore, standing for part of the time outside the machine, entirely indifferent to the dangers of his exposed position, guided the angledozer throughout its work. The road was eventually entirely cleared and a passage made for the tanks, an operation which lasted for nearly three hours, during the whole of which time the enemy continued to bring down both shell and small arms fire on the area. At no time did Lieutenant Moore cease his direction of the operator in order to take cover.

There is no doubt that the perseverance and courage of this officer and his cool and efficient direction of the machine from an exposed position in the face of the greatest difficulties were the main factors in clearing the road. As a result the tanks were abe to get forward with the minimum of delay, and with their support the advance of 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade was resumed.