Lt Sydney Charles Kenyon, 3rd Field Company, Military Cross


On 8 September 1943, Lieutenant Kenyon was in command of an engineer party with the advance guard moving on Catanzaro. Enemy rear guards were covering demolition parties operating in the path of the advance. About three miles south of Bovalina Marina three major demolitions were reported heavily mined. There were no harbour areas south of the town for the armoured vehicles and as night was approaching the advance guard commander was faced with the necessity of reaching Bovalina Marina or retiring to harbour positions further back.

Lieutenant Kenyon, appreciating the situation, volunteered to personally lead the advance guard through the mine fields. Walking alone at the head of the column, he skilfully and courageously led the whole advance guard around two mine fields. At the third he came under observed enemy fire, and although this fire was concentrated on him, he daringly carried on with his task until, as it was almost completed, Lieutenant Kenyon was wounded and unable to carry on further.