Tragedy Strikes CME Family Member

Gabby in the centre with her mum on the right
Publication Date 
26 Apr 2021

About a week ago, 15-year old Gabriela Oliveira, stepdaughter of Major Wayne 'Dez' Desjardins, MB, MSM, CD (Ret'd), was struck down when she was legally and safely crossing the road. Gabby’s recovery will be slow and lengthy, she likely has been robbed of a great portion of her teenage years and her brain injuries may potentially affect her for the rest of her life.  By good fortune, a family neighbour started a GoFundMe campaign on Gabby’s behalf. If you look at the picture (Gabby is second from the right with Lucy (Mum) to the extreme right.

We ask that you please help get this message out to other members of the CME Family.  The CMEA has made a contribution and if you want to help, you can donate that the GoFundMe site Help for Gabby Oliveira & Family.