Sappers Win Corps Baseball Championship

The 7th Canadian Engineer Battalion baseball team Library and Archives Canada
Baseball diamond constructed in Tincques, France in 1918 Library and Archives Canada
Publication Date 
29 Jun 2018

An estimated 30,000 spectators made up of soldiers, townsfolk and dignitaries including Prince Arthur the Duke of Connaught, Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden, Borden’s cabinet, and Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Currie witnessed the 7th Canadian Engineer Battalion battle 11 innings against the 1st Divisional Ammunition Column to win the Canadian Corps Baseball Championship in France. 

The game was played on 1 July 1918 in a hastily built stadium by engineers and others in the small French village of Tincques. It was one of the main events in a day-long celebration of Dominion Day just behind enemy lines.  It had a 6,000-seat grandstand. Some 70,000 soldiers had signed up for the various tournaments scheduled for that day, but just 750 passed through qualifications (and survived battle) to compete. The grounds upon which the stadium was built is now the municipal soccer pitch in Tincques.

The 7th Battalion provided direct and general support the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.  Its companies had fought in all major engagements. Read the entire story on the SB Nation website at

(From a blog post by Minor Leaguer, 28 June 2018)