The Price of Duty - MCpl Mark Isfeld

Mark Isfeld in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia
Publication Date 
01 Jul 2018

This National Film Board movie was released in 1995.  Although it seems like so long ago, members of the CME Family continue to serve in the cause of Peace, making the story just as relevant today as it was during the Balkan deployments.

While the film is basically a tribute to Canadian peacekeeper Mark Isfeld, or "Izzy" as he was known to his fellow soldiers, it is really about soldiering as a Sapper. The first three years of UN Peacekeeping in former Yugoslavia cost the lives of ten Canadian soldiers, Sappers among them. Others were seriously injured, physically and psychologically The film focuses on clearing land mines to create a safer environment for the local people. As every combat engineer knows, and the rest of us can appreciate, this is a painstaking job requiring great personal risk, nerves of steel and unwavering trust among soldiers. It's a job that cost Canadian peacekeeper Mark Isfeld his life.

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