A Message to all Canadian Military Engineers from the Colonel Commandant

Colonel Commandant
Publication Date 
14 Jun 2018

To all Military Engineers,

On 27th June 2018, the CME CWO, the CME Adjt, my wife, Deanna, and I will have an audience with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Colonel-in-Chief of the Canadian Military Engineers. We do this on behalf of every military engineer, military or civilian, serving or retired, Regular or Reserves. During that audience, I will highlight your accomplishments to Her Majesty. I will try not to boast too much. Upon our return, I will report to you on the audience.

Also, during this trip, we will be hosted by Lt Gen Sir Mark Mans, Chief Royal Engineer, my counterpart. They have an outstanding agenda for us.

It is indeed my honour and privilege to represent you to Her Majesty, our Colonel-in-Chief.

BGen Steve M. Irwin, CD (Ret'd) CME Col Cmdt