Mention in Dispatches

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Mention in Dispatches

Her Majesty the Queen created the Mention in Dispatches on June 3, 1992, to honour members of the Canadian Forces on active service and other individuals working in conjunction with the Canadian Forces on or after November 1, 1990. The award recognizes valiant conduct, devotion to duty or other distinguished service in combat or near-combat conditions.

The Governor General awards Mentions in Dispatches on the recommendation of the Chief of the Defence Staff, while presentations are normally made by senior military officials on behalf of the Governor General.

Mentions in Dispatches may be awarded posthumously.

Historical Note

During the First World War, 5467 MIDs were awarded to Canadians.

During the Second World War, MID's were awarded as follows: 6432 to the Canadian Army, 2197 to the Royal Canadian Air Force and 1037 to the Royal Canadian Navy for a total of 9666 MID's awarded. During the Korean conflict, MID's were awarded as follows: 246 to the Canadian Army and 33 to the Royal Canadian Navy for a total 279 MIDs awarded.

In 1990, the MID was re-introduced in the Canadian Forces and 283 have been awarded to date. A citation certificate accompanies the award.

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Engineers Awarded a Mention in Dispatches

Name Rank at Time
of Award
Date of Award
Andersen, JM Pte 2008
Aubé, E MCpl 2010
Blier, DMB Spr 2008
Cuppage, J Cpl 2006
Davey, G Sgt 2011
Farrell, KR Spr 2011
Fernandez-Ledon, C Cpl 2007
Filion, JF Cpl 2008
Girard, JMH Sgt 2008
Gregg, NJ Cpl 2007
Groves, SDP Sgt 1993
Henderson, CV Cpl 2008
Henry, JD Cpl 2011
Jantz, JR MCpl 1995
Laberge, A Sgt 2013
Lapointe, JRD Cpl 1995
Macdonald, MC Cpl 2006
Machan, RS Sgt 2006
MacPherson, JG Cpl 2010
Nolasco, BS Sgt 2010
Novak, CJ Spr 2011
Orvis, DR MCpl 2007
Peach, BJ Cpl 2008
Pronk, MT WO 2010
Ralph, CLA Sgt 1991
Rettie, JM Capt 1995
Ryall, DD Sgt 1993
Scott, KA Cpl 2006
Soper, MW MCpl 2008
Urbanowicz, E Maj 1996
Waring, RK Cpl 2010