Indigenous Veterans' Week - 107th Pioneer Battalion

107th (Timber Wolf) Pioneer Battalion Badge
Publication Date 
09 Nov 2022

While exact statistics are difficult to determine, the rate of Indigenous participation in Canada's military efforts over the years has been impressive. These determined volunteers were often forced to overcome many challenges to serve in uniform, from learning a new language and adapting to cultural differences.

The 107th (Timber Wolf) Battalion was recruited from Winnipeg starting in November 1915 and embarked for England on 19 September with a strength of 32 officers and 965 other ranks as an infantry battalion. On 27 January 1917, it was redesignated as the 107th (Timber Wolf) Pioneer Battalion. It to deployed to France a month before the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  They continued to fight in the front lines until the late spring of 1918 when they were integrated into the Canadian Engineers. A brief history of this unit is being prepared. See the first draft at 107th (Timber Wolf) Pioneer Battalion.