Faces To Graves Update May 2023

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Publication Date 
17 May 2023

MAY 23 UPDATE: Faces To Graves Stories for Canadian Sappers Buried in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemeteries in the Netherlands

A very special event is taking place this year in Holland. Running from, 30 April to 21 May, The Faces of Groesbeek displays each soldier’s photograph beside his gravestone. They have been able to add 300 more photographs this year.

There is an excellent YouTube video of the preparations and conduct of this display at: https://youtu.be/fiWuXWGbNKQ

We are more than halfway through preparing the Faces to Graves stories for our Sappers buried in the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemeteries in The Netherlands or remembered on their Memorial Wall. We have completed 37 of that set of 69 Sappers. Another six are in different stages of production.

For a more complete background, see: https://cmea-agmc.ca/faces-gravesseven-stories-down134-go

Thank you to the small group of dedicated volunteers who have brought us this far. But we could do with some more volunteers.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping with this project. Most of the research can now be conducted online and with material available from the CME Historian. We are also looking for someone with skills in photo-editing old photographs and newspaper clippings.

The attached ALPHA SORT list of all Sappers buried in Groesbeek, Bergen op Zoom and Holten can help if you are looking for a relative. The UNIT SORT is helpful if you have an interest in a particular unit and the HOMETOWN SORT version will assist if you are interested in a specific hometown or region. If you are interested in a particular unit or individual, the Netherlands Faces to Graves team can advise if someone is already working on this individual or if they have some material to contribute. You can contact the Groesbeek team at: info@facestograves.nl.

For additional information or assistance with the research, please contact the CME Historian.