Cpl Jodi Payne Presented with 386 Air Expeditionary Wing, Chief Choice Award

Cpl Jodi Payne, 8 Wing Trenton currently on Op IMPACT,  receives 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Chief Choice Award
Publication Date 
27 May 2021

Cpl Jodi Payne, serving on Op IMPACT, was recently presented with the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, Chief Choice Award.  The citation reads:

Cpl Payne (firefighter from 8 Wing Trenton) has been recognized by the USAF and was presented the 386 Air Expeditionary Wing, Chief Choice Award. This award I am told has never been presented to a member outside the USAF. 

Cpl Payne has been the Camp Canada Firefighter since Nov 2020.  During this time she has coordinated with the US Firefighters and JOC (Joint Operations Center) to facilitate extraction drills at our main accommodations building and overseen Camp Wide fire drills.  She has been instrumental in passing information to the US Firefighters on Camp Canada to ensure they are tracking, exercises,  power outages, gate closures or even morale events to further foster Coalition relations.   Since the repatriation of the TFFM (Task Force Fire Marshal) Cpl Payne has done an exceptional job covering off a this position that is typically held by a mbr 2-3 ranks higher than her.  During her time as the TFFM she has conducted a Fire Inspection of Camp Erbil in Iraq, provided guidance to the CoC on the maximum occupancy for buildings and reviewed multiple camp orders.  She is a top performer who is working well above her current rank.

Well done Cpl Payne!