CMEA 2017 Bursary Presentations - Photos

Maj Berghuis, Bursary Winner Peter, Mrs Berghuis and CWO Chiasson
MCpl Mateus-Rodriguez, Bursary Winner Daniel, and CWO Chiasson
Mrs Tremblay, Bursary Winner Brianna, Maj Tremblay (Ret'd), and CWO Chiasson
MWO Matthews, LCol Chris Middleton, Jaimie Hepditch and CWO Hepditch
MWO Kevin Legg, SSM RPOU (West) Det Wainwright presents CMEA Bursary to Antoine Gendron.
Publication Date: 
13 Dec 2017

CWO Troy Chiasson led in the presentation of CMEA Bursaries to three recipients connected to the NRC Chapter:

  • Daniel Mateus - MCpl C. Mateus-Rodriguez’s son (Ottawa)

  • Peter Berghuis – Maj H. Berghuis’ son (Ottawa)

  • Brianna Tremblay - Maj (Ret’d) S. Tremblay’s daughter (Ottawa)

A fourth bursay was awarded to Jaimie Hepditch - CWO Hepditch's daughter (Ottawa).

In Wainwright, MWO Kevin Legg, SSM RPOU (West) Det Wainwright presented the CMEA Bursary to Antoine Gendron, son of WO R. Gendron (Ret'd).

Other recipients are:

  • Marie-Hélène Richard - Spr M. Vincent’s spouse (Quebec)






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