2 CER at the 2017 2 CMBG Ironman

2 CER Team
Canoe Race
Final Run
Publication Date 
14 Sep 2017

By: Lt AJ Landry
On September 6th and 7th, 2017, members from 2 CMBG assembled at Dundonald Hall for the 34th edition of the annual Ironman race. This challenge composed of a 32 km ruck march, 4 km portage, 8 km canoe race down the Ottawa River, and final 6 km ruck march to the finish line is one of Petawawa’s most daunting events. 2 CER had many participants among the contestants on both days, displaying more than respectable performances. The completer’s day was held on Thursday and it saw Maj Day and Cpl Leibel as the top two members from 2 CER with times of 7:51:03 and 8:02:23 respectively. Friday was for each unit’s competitive team and it saw two members of 2 CER place within the Top 15 despite very challenging weather. Sappers Bushati and Fisher finished with times of 6:19:41 and 6:28:18 respectively, displaying their high level of fitness and dedication to the task. Well done to all contestants at the 2017 2 CMBG Ironman!