Canadian Forces Real Property Engineers in Operations

LSA 2 RTC camp after 4 days building the RTC MTS litres in Camp Adazi Latvia during theater opening in May 2017
Adj Trudel of Real-Property Operations Unit Quebec - conducting a QC/QA inspection Latvia April 2018
BGen Andrew Jayne, Comd Joint Task Force Iraq, presided at the new accommodation building ground breaking ceremony, along with CWO Robert McCann, Task Force Sergeant-Major Joint Task Force Iraq, LCol René Poirier, Operational Support Hub (OSH) South West Asia CO, the CSM, the CE section heads and two DCC Reps, Camp Canada, Kuwait, March 2, 2018. Photo: DND/CAF
OP IMPACT - Task Force Middle East JORDAN Deployed as the J Engr Major Pierre Allard overseeing projects in support of TF ME Jordan January 2018
View of the CFS Alert main station complex from the south, May 2016
Firemen practising extraction drills February 2018
General Maintenance February 2018
Publication Date 
12 Jun 2018

The old adage of there are never enough engineers applies as much to combat engineers as it does infrastructure support. Since ADM (IE) stood up in 2016, Canadian Forces Real Property Operations Group (CF RP Ops Gp) has balanced their mandate to support domestic infrastructure while managing tasking’s of CF RP Ops Gp military personnel to support Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations. Employed within CF RP Ops GP are many of the critical Engineer trades that are in demand to support Canadian operations. CF RP Ops civilian and uniformed trades personnel are frequently called upon to contribute support to real property in expeditionary and domestic operations. Personnel have been employed in a capacity ranging from surge bed down to recurring camp maintenance often as part of a Canadian Army (CA), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and CF RP Ops collaborative effort. Tradesmen and women are employed around the world ensuring that operations are supported with that critical engineer support that can range from generator farms to vertical and horizontal construction projects.

On Operations if you have lights on, a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in chances are it was the engineers who worked hard to design, build or contract it and then maintain it. In the last year alone, CF RP Ops GP has deployed members of all ranks across the globe in support of major expeditionary operations such as OP IMPACT and OP REASSURANCE while also supporting domestic operations OP NANOOK, OP ELEMENT and northern sovereignty support to CFS Alert. Since September 2017 CF RP Ops a formation with less than 200 uniformed NCM trade members has amassed over 4,429 tradesmen deployment days. Regardless of mission location, when called upon CF RP Ops tradesmen have executed outstanding work well representing the Engineer Branch to ensure that mission troops have the work and living environment required along with creature comforts that troops appreciate.

Recent examples of CF RP Ops “Enabling Operational Success” include:


LATVIA is by far where the RP Ops contributing main effort has occurred. As a collaborative and Force Generation (FG) team approach, CF RP Ops has engaged in an ambitious co-effort with the CA to support the recurring OP REASSURANCE LATVIA SUSTAINMENT and QA/QC TAVs. By taking the lead on those two significant TAVs it alleviates the FG for the RCAF who can then focus on recurring OP IMPACT tasks. The impact is that approximately every quarter a new team is out the door. Below are some photos from the initial bed-down Engineer efforts in LATVIA and some recent photos of our CF RP Ops personnel during camp maintenance.

OP IMPACT Operational Support Hub – South West Asia

Recently a ground-breaking ceremony occurred for the construction of a new hard-walled accommodation building on the East side of Camp Canada. This hard-wall building will replace the present relocatable temporary camp accommodation which has reached the end of its life cycle. The accommodation building will offer a total of 111 rooms, six washrooms and two laundry facilities and will house all of the deployed personnel currently living in tents on the East side of Camp Canada.

Operational Support Hub – South West Asia

See Photo #4 at the right.


At its peak, CFS Alert had upwards of 215 personnel on station at any one time, a smaller footprint of approximately 74 personnel now exists due to equipment modernization.

Remaining personnel are responsible for airfield operations, construction/engineering, food service, and logistical/administrative support. Only six personnel are now responsible for actual operations, and control of the facility. RP Ops routinely provides a Construction Engineer Superintendent as “Boss Beaver”, aka the facilities manager, in this most northern Canadian facility. Work for the better part of the year is done in darkness and frigid temperatures as daylight hours are limited. Engineer work in this remote location is what keeps the lights and critical heat on.