39 CER Museum Now Official!

Fells Armoury, North Vancouver, 1915
Publication Date 
13 Sep 2021

It is now Official!

Two years ago we applied to have official military museum status for our regimental museum. Our submission called for exhibits in North Vancouver, Chilliwack, Trail and Cranbrook and to be supported by 6 Field Engineer Squadron Museum Association which will continue to exist as the holder of artifacts and as the coordinating body.

On 1 September we were advised by the Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH) that, at long last, our application for certification has been approved and 39 Combat Engineer Regiment Museum is now an official Military Museum.

This gives us official status as a DND entity. As such we can call upon DND support for such things as floor space, maintenance, improvements and assistance (subject to budget availability).  

In addition, there is specific museum funding available directly from DHH to help with such expenses such as furnishings, printing, graphics, maintenance and more.

What cannot be funded by DHH is the purchase of artifacts. Purchase of display items must continue to be funded by the museum and fund-raising is still a museum activity. The difference is that the funds we raise can now go much further.

We will also be able to extend displays to Chilliwack, Trail and Cranbrook and will be working on this with DHH funding in the 2021/2022 budget year.

COVID restrictions have curtailed museum openings and activities but hopefully we will soon be able to once again have museum visitors.