The World’s Most Northerly ADM

CFS Alert
Mr. Pitfield is seen celebrating in this photo // Vous pouvez voir M. Pitfield qui célèbre le voyage.
Publication Date 
09 Jun 2015

In March, Jaime Pitfield temporarily became the world’s most northerly ADM. Mr. Pitfield visited CFS Alert accompanied by Doug Lloyd, DG of Engineering and Transformation Services, and LCol Robert Knapik, the Director of Real Property Operations (North). The trip took place over four days in March, and provided the team with an opportunity to review operations at CFS Alert, and to see first-hand the challenges staff face at 400 nautical miles from the North Pole, the world’s most northern permanently-inhabited settlement. The ADM and team toured water treatment, power generation, sewage, storage, hydro distribution, fire suppression and transportation systems, as well as the living and working quarters of the station. In addition to gaining an appreciation for the extreme conditions, the team had the opportunity to see for themselves how planned, future projects will benefit staff in Alert. It was enlightening to observe the challenges of construction in an arctic environment, and to work with the base personnel in developing plans and strategies to start some new projects, and to advance ones already underway. A convivial all-staff dinner on the second night was one of the highlights of the visit, and Mr. Pitfield thanked the staff and enjoyed a delicious Inuit-themed dinner with bison steaks, elk sausages and a fantastic arctic char dish with all the trimmings. The next day, on another tour, Mr. Pitfield, Mr. Lloyd and LCol Knapik visited the memorial cairns commemorating the Lancaster crash in 1950, and the 1991 Boxtop 22 crash. Another highlight was watching the station airfield operations and the landing of a C117 Globemaster aircraft.