WOII Seymour Wylde Howes, MM (Ret'd)

    • WOII Howes receiving the Military Medal from Field Marshall Montgomery
    • RCE GVIR badge

    We regret to advise of the death of Warrant Officer Class II Seymour Wylde Howes, MM (Ret'd) of Truro NS on 15 November 2004 at the age of 91 years.

    Seymour was born in Montserrat, British West Indies.  When the Second World War broke out, he and his two brothers sailed to Miami on a ship and then took a train to Montreal to join Canada in the war effort. He wanted to join the Air Force as did his two brothers, Bruce K. Howes and Kingsley Howes.  Seymour was assigned to the Royal Canadian Engineers, possibly because of his engineering and construction background.  

    CSM Howes landed in Normandy with the 16th Field Company on D-Day.  His landing craft struck a mine on the way in and he rescued many drowning soldiers despite the danger to his own life. For his actions, he was awarded the Military Medal which was presented by Field Marshall Montgomery in the field in 1944.

    HIs brothers both returned for the war although Kingsley lost his toes to frostbite in a German PoW Camp.  He returned to Montserrat and after raising a family, returned to Toronto in 1984. He was killed in a car accident. Bruce initially went into the refrigeration business and then went on to be an Anglican Minister serving in various parts of Canada. Seymour settled in Truro and raised a family.  

    WOII Seymour Wylde Howes, MM is buried in Terrace Hill Cemetery in Truro.