WOII Seymour Wylde Howes - Military Medal - 16th Field Company

Military Medal

At H plus 60 minutes of D-Day, the Landing Craft Infantry (L) with Company Sergeant-Major Howes and 34 personnel of No.1 Platoon, 16th Field Company aboard in the hold, struck a mine 100 yards off shore of Nan Red Beach and grounded in ten feet of water. Company Sergeant-Major Howes and several men made their way ashore, and immediately afterwards a lifeline was passed to the beach to assist the remaining personnel. On two occasions, Company Sergeant-Major Howes plunged back into the water to assist drowning men ashore. Corporal Creighton of No.1 Platoon later stated that he would not have reached the beach with Company Sergeant-Major Howes' assistance. All this time enemy snipers were continually firing on the beaches and by leaving the security of the sea wall and going back into the water Company Sergeant-Major Howes stood considerable risk of being shot and drowned. He performed these deeds, however, regardless of his own safety.