WO/Adj S.R.R. Pelletier, CD

    • WO/Adj S.R.R. Pelletier, CD

    After more than 37 years of loyal service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, WO Sylvain Pelletier, CD, will retire on 02 Sep 2021. A DWD will be held on 01 Sep 21 at 14:00 at the CFB Greenwood Annapolis Mess. Regrettably, due to COVID restrictions, attendance is by invitation only.  Anecdotes, congratulatory messages and pictures can be sent to Capt J. Gelowsky at John.Gelowsky@forces.gc.ca.

    In 1984, WO Sylvain Pelletier’s career in the CAF started through the YTEP (Youth Training Education Plan). Following this, he joined the Artillery as a Regular Force member and was posted to CFB Valcartier. As a gunner, WO Pelletier deployed on a NATO mission to Norway and a UN mission to Cyprus.

    After completing two years of artillery service, he applied for the CE Tech drafting trade and started his QL3 in January 1989. After graduation, he was posted to CFB Cold Lake, where he spent the next 13 years which included a deployment to Italy.

    In the mid-90s, the CE Tech drafting trade was eliminated. WO Pelletier became a Const Tech after waiting four years for a conversion course. In the summer of 2002, WO Pelletier was promoted to MCpl and posted to the Const Cell at CFSME where he had the opportunity to instruct and conduct additional drafting.

    A promotion to Sgt in July 2007 meant a posting to CFB Greenwood where WO Pelletier experienced many roles. First, he was the Const I/C in 141 Flt and then a Contracts Inspector at Detachment Aldershot. In 2009, WO Pelletier was promoted to his current rank and deployed to Camp Mirage. After returning from deployment, he worked in Operations as both the Utility Officer and Productions Officer. He was also tasked to CFS Alert as Boss Beaver, to CFB Goose Bay to build a camp in the training area, and to Resolute Bay to upgrade a camp.

    WO Pelletier’s next posting in 2014 was to Toronto with the Engineering Support Services as a Contracts Inspector and Facility Manager.

    The Toronto posting didn’t last long. In 2015, WO Pelletier returned to CFB Greenwood where he worked in Contracts, supervised tasks for 141 Flt, controlled RP Ops Aldershot shop, deployed to Kuwait in 2016 as JEng plans WO, and acted as the 14 MSS CE Sergeant Major. In September 2020, WO Pelletier settled into the Training Coordinator role for both 14 MSS CE and RP Ops Greenwood; his final positions before retiring on 02 September 2021.

    WO Pelletier will retire with his spouse, Terri, at their home in Kingston, NS for the near future. In retirement, he will attend Nova Scotia Community College to refresh his skills as a survey technician and see where life takes him. WO Pelletier has two adult children, Kayleen in Ontario and Daniel in New Brunswick, and a step-daughter in Alberta.