WO/Adj Simon Blanchet, CD

    Warrant Officer Simon Blanchet joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Infantryman on 04 February 1981 in Quebec City. He served in Valcartier with the 3rd Battalion R22R. He was promoted to caporal in February 1985. In November 1986, he saw the light and remustered to the Electrician trade. After completing his QL3 course he was posted to the CE Section in Valcartier. After completing his QL5 course, he moved in July 1990 to 5 Regiment Génie de Campagne (5 RGC) still in Valcartier. In august 1992, WO Blanchet was then leaving the province of Quebec to a posting with the CE section in Shilo Manitoba. In July 1996 he was posted back to 5 RGC in Valcartier and less than a year later he was promoted to MCpl and posted to CFB Montreal in July 1997. In June 1999, WO Blanchet got married to Louise Raymond. A month later, they took the road to 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta. From there in November 2002, they were posted back to “la belle province” to the CE section at Garrison St-Jean.

    WO Blanchet during his many postings also served a few tours: Cyprus in 1985, Kuwait in 1992, CFS Alert in 1993 and 1995, Bosnia in 1994, Haïti in 1996, Aviano in 2000, and finally OP APOLO in 2002.

    WO Blanchet is presently on a college level course “Buildings Construction and Upgrade” and will retire from the Canadian Forces on the 5th March 2008, after 27 years of good and loyal services. WO Blanchet hopes to find a job with the Public Service in the Montreal or Quebec City area.