WO/Adj Mike Arnold, CD

    • WO Mike Arnold, CD

    WO Mike Arnold was born in Lahr, Germany. He joined the Canadian Forces on November 22, 1990. He attended recruit training in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia and upon completion of was posted to the CF School of Communications in Kingston, Ontario on February 22, 1991 where he underwent POET training.

    After completing POET training he was posted to CFB Borden in 1992 and began his CF career as an AWS Tech. This would be a short-lived career. The force reduction plan gave WO Arnold a second chance at a new trade. Initially, he was offered linesman but after 4 days the offer was changed to 651, Military Firefighter.

    He began his training at the Canadian Forces Fire Academy on June 26, 1992 and after successful completion of his QL3 was posted to CFB Moose Jaw on February 1, 1993. He remained at CFB Moosejaw for six and a half years. This would see three significant changes in his life as he became a father to three children, Brandon, Keith, and Devyn.

    In August 2, 1999, WO Arnold would be posted to CFB Esquimalt and give up his fire hall for a sea going vessel. He spent time at the CFFS Esquimalt Damage Control Division and sailed on the HMCS Protecteur, Regina, Ottawa and Calgary. WO Arnold was promoted to MCpl on 15 Sept 2003 and posted to CFB Coldlake. While posted to CFB Coldlake he would see tasks in CFS Alert and following a promotion to Sgt on 26 Jun 2006, the Primrose Lake Air Range as the Snr Fire Fighter.

    After a busy three years, WO Arnold would be posted to CFB Greenwood on 10 Jul 2006 as the Chief Fire inspector. During his tenure he would meet his partner in crime Rosie and complete a deployment to Camp Mirage, Dubai. During his deployment, he would receive both a promotion to WO and a well-deserved commendation for work completed. He would once again be posted to CFB Borden on 18 August 2010 as a Flight Warrant at the Air Command Academy.

    He will officially finish his military career on 4 October 2016 where he will be moving back to Nova Scotia to be closer to Rosie’s grandkids and begin schooling to work towards future employment in the private sector.

    A Depart with Dignity Ceremony will take place at Crabby Joes in Angus, ON, on 30 Sep 2016.  Attendees are requested to advise the OPI of their planned attendance NLT 23 Sept 2016.  Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the WO Lahey JM by e-mail jason.lahey2@forces.gc.ca<mailto:jason.lahey2@forces.gc.ca>