WO/Adj Luc Taillon, CD

    • WO/Adj Luc Taillon, CD

    WO Luc Taillon, CD will retire from the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers on 15 August 2018, after 36 years of service.  A Depart with Dignity ceremony will be conducted in his honour on 5 October 2018, at 1100 hrs, at the MCE conference room in Ottawa.  It will be followed by a gathering at the Prescott on Preston St.  Please RSVP to Norm Proulx (norm.proulx@forces.gc.ca) by 21 September 2018 if you do plan to attend.  Also, any congratulatory messages, anecdotes, and farewell messages can also be sent to Norm.

    Luc Taillon was born in Sherbrooke QC in Sept 1962 and enrolled in the CF at 19 in January 1982… thanks to his Dad.

    Luc joined as a Communications Research Technician, commonly called 291ers. After his recruit training and second language training from February to August 82 in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, he was sent to Kingston, ON to complete TQ3 Training. He was held in the PAT (Personnel Awaiting Training) platoon from Sept to Dec 1982, then started his TQ3 in January and ended in July 1983. Luc really enjoyed the nightlife in Kingston, especially at the Muldoon’s where he learned to love so many Irish folk songs. In August 83, he got posted to Ottawa and worked in CFS Leitrim until December 1985. During that time, he went up to Alert NWT for 6 months between Oct 84 and April 85. It is during his tour in Alert that he looked for a new trade. He attended the MRT selection course at 615 Booth in September 1985 and got a remuster with Mapping and Charting Establishment as a Map Reproduction Technician in January 1986.

    What an adventure!!! From 1986 to September 2006, as a Pte, Cpl, MCpl and Sgt, Luc Taillon trained and worked in many Sqns and Sections with MCE. Here are a few, Field Print Troop, Geo Sp Sqn, DP Sqn, the Pressroom, Plate and plastic, Contact, Photo, Map Depot, Drafting and the School of Military mapping. Worked for or with so many great people, military and civilians. Participated in Adventure training like the Mattawa River, Mississaugi River and the Jasper to Banff bike ride.

    Another great adventure!!! From September 2006 to June 2012, Sgt Luc Taillon had to opportunity to work for Army News under Army Public Affairs where he worked as a reporter and anchor with great military and civilian people. Sgt Taillon really enjoyed the teamwork on Bentley Ave. It was very special.

    WO Taillon went back to MCE in summer 2012 and worked in Geo Sp until summer 2014 where he got transferred to Algonquin College to provide support with the courses for a year until his posting as Platoon WO with IPSC North Bay under JPSU Eastern Ontario in July 2015.

    After 36 years adventure in the regular forces, WO Luc Taillon decided in spring 2018 to quit the Regular Forces and join the reserve as a Class A in order to stay in North Bay where he really enjoys life there.

    I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who made my 36 years in the Regular forces such a great and positive adventure. I wish everyone all the Best.