WO/Adj J.S.F. Madore, CD

    After more than 42 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, WO Sylvan Madore, CD, retired on 07 January 2022. At this time, no formal retirement function can take place. Congratulatory messages and best wishes can be sent to WO B.L. Mundy at brianmp5t@gmail.com.

    Warrant Officer Sylvan (Sly) Madore joined the Canadian Armed Forces with the Cameron Highlanders on 7 March 1979, then transferred to the Regular Force in April 1985 as part of 3 RCR Winnipeg. Throughout the next 42 years of his career, WO Madore represented Canada domestically and frequently, abroad.

    In September 1986, Sly deployed to Cyprus on his first operational tour with November Coy. He was then posted to Germany in 1988.

    In 1991, he was granted an OT from Infantry to Administration Clerk and trained at CFB Borden until March 1992. In his new trade, Sly supported 450 Sqn at CFB Meaford and later CFB St-Hubert. In February 1997, while posted to CFSU(O), Sly was tasked to CFS Alert as the Records and Pay Clerk. Promoted to MCpl for the second time, Sly continued to work at CFSU(O) until 1999 when he deployed to CC UNDOF (Golan Heights). During this tour, he supported deployed members throughout the Middle East.

    Upon returning from the Golan Heights, he was posted from CFSU(O) to DGMC. From August 2002 until February 2003, he served as part of Op APOLLO. He was Promoted to Sgt in July 2003 and married Marie-Josée, a month later.

    In September 2005, Sly accepted a VOT to GeoTech and was posted to SMM (MCE) Ottawa for two years of training at 615 Booth Street. As a newly qualified GeoTech, Sly participated on Ex FINAL DRIVE in Kingston and Ex WARRIOR LANCE at CFCSC in Toronto. After predeployment training at NATO HQ in Norway, Sly was promoted to MCpl and deployed to Afghanistan from January to August 2008 as the Geo Analyst for RC South.

    Upon his return, Sly remained a member of Geo Sp Sqn, operating as the theatre data analyst. When posted to GI&S, Sly requested to be sent to Afghanistan a second time. He deployed as the Data Manager for HQ RC South from June to December 2009. Newly promoted to Sgt, he was posted to CFJIC JIIFC (Star Top) which later became the GIST at CJOC. In 2014, he was posted to JTFN Yellowknife, supporting 1CDN Ranger Gp, Op NUNALIVUT, Op NANOOK, Op NUNAKPUT and others. He was promoted to WO in June 2016 and posted to SSM (MCE) as QL6A/6B Course WO.

    With so many years of his life devoted to service, retirement from the CAF became imminent. We offer Sylvain our gratitude for over 42 years of loyal service as he transitions to a new civilian career.