WO/Adj J.B. Malysheff, CD

    • WO/Adj J.B. Malysheff, CD

    After 41 years and 107 days of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces with 11 years to the Canadian Military Engineers, WO John Malysheff will retire from the CAF on 19 October 2020. Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to MWO C.A. Watts at Craig.Watts@forces.gc.ca


    WO Malysheff will be retiring on 19 October 2020 after serving more than 41 years. His service was divided between his time in the Navy where he spent the first 30 years of his career, and the Engineer Branch where he spent the last 11 years.

    WO Malysheff joined the Canadian Armed Forces on 04 July 1979 as a Naval Reserve with HMCS MALAHAT through the Naval Reserve Summer Student Training Program (NRSSTP). While in the Navy he served in 3 different trades; BOSN, Diesel Mechanic, and as a Marine Engineering Systems Op (MESO). His first real deployment was on HMCS MACKENZIE for SOUPLOY 80. He then spent time learning his trade at the training fleet school or posted to MAROPSGRU 4, mainly on the Gate Vessels HMCS PORTE DE LA REINE, QUEBEC, and DAUPHINE. In 1992 he was posted as an instructor at Fleet School Esquimalt before returning to sea. In 1994 he was posted to Fleet School Quebec as Chief Developmental Instructor, MSEO Distributed Learning, for the development of distributed training. In 1995 he rejoined Fleet School Esquimalt but this time, in DC Division as a Fire Fighting Instructor. He was promoted to Petty Officer First Class while at the Fleet School. He was selected to be the first Chief Engineer of HMCS NANAIMO, and joined the crew in 1996 for training, and preparation. He and the crew travelled to Halifax to inspect the ship and brought her home to Esquimalt. In 2001 he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class.

    Except for a short stint ashore, he remained with that vessel until 2004. In 2005 he returned to Sea as the Coxswain of HMCS BRANDON, and then HMCS YELLOWKNIFE, which were very rewarding postings. When his tour as Coxswain completed, he was posted as Minor Warship Chief Engineer for Sea Training Pacific. He completed many work ups with a very dedicated and professional team. This culminated with the instruction and preparation of the Sea Elements for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    In Feb 2010 WO Malysheff transferred to Regular Force taking a voluntary occupational transferred to the WFE trade. The now Cpl Malysheff completed his DP1 training at CFSME, and achieved top student, and was posted to CFB Esquimalt, Pacific Naval Construction Troop (PNCT) in June 2010. The next year was spent completing the OJT package, and conducting a Prior Learning Assessment Request, focusing on his previous Navy experience. On completion of OJT, he was placed on his DP2 course in 2012 and was promoted to MCpl once he returned to the PNCT. In July 2014 he was promoted to Sgt and posted to 3DSG Det Wainwright as Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Supervisor. Shortly after arrival the WTP was turned over to a contractor so he was the Project Manager for the WTP Operations Contract. He was loaded on WFE DP3A in Sept 2014. As the WTP operation was now a contract he was placed in the Contracts Cell on his return to Wainwright, in the position of Contracts inspector, as well as Project manager for numerous projects throughout the base. In 2015 the Chief of Defence Staff gave him the CDS coin, for his service in monitoring and directing the operations of the WTP, specifically for addressing an operational flaw that could have caused health concerns. In July 2016 Sgt Malysheff took over as Contracts Officer for RPOU (W) Wainwright Det. In 2017 WO Malysheff was sent on tour to CFS Alert to take over the position of SCEO (Boss Beaver), and spent the next 6 months enjoying the people and uniqueness of being one of the “Frozen Chosen”. He was promoted to WO while on tour in Alert. Upon his return to Grn Wainwright he was employed as Production Officer and later as Contracts Officer.

    He will be moving to a civilian position in RPOU (W) Wainwright, and plans to stay in Alberta.