WO/Adj J.A.T. Fortin

    • WO/Adj J.A.T. Fortin, CD

    After more than 21 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, WO Tony Fortin, CD will retire on 8 Sep 2017 (See bio below).  As per requested by WO Fortin, only an informal luncheon will take place on 7 Sep.  Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to Capt Michel Cantin by email - Michel.Cantin@forces.gc.ca<mailto:Michel.Cantin@forces.gc.ca>

    WO Fortin joined 16 November 1994 and got posted to Chilliwack at 1CER. In 1996 the unit moved to Edmonton.  WO Fortin got out after his first contract and a tour in Bosnia in 1997 and got back in in 1999 just in time to deploy to Kosovo. After Kosovo WO Fortin re-mustered to heavy equipment, did his PLQ and got posted to 8FER for two years as the tpt and hvy equipment NCO. After his time there WO Fortin got posted back to 1CER until 2006. During that time he found a passion for EOD and IEDD and took the required courses to become an operator. 2006 was a rough year family wise and his widowed father wasn't doing so well. Being at the right place at the right time WO Fortin took a posting to CFLRS St-Jean where he really enjoyed teaching officer cadets. WO Fortin was fortunate to do his airborne course while in St-Jean and trained really hard because his goal was set on being selected as an explosives/IEDD specialist with JTF2. March 2008 WO Fortin got the call to go for the interview and selection process for the position and I got picked up. He had the opportunity to deploy to Afghanistan and other places during his time there. As WO Fortin says ''I spent the best five years of my career there. I had the opportunity to be part of a true kinetic unit where the level of professionalism is unheared of.''  After refusing his promotion to WO twice, WO Fortin accepted a posting to 5RGC as the EOD troop WO for 2 years and has moved to the posn of 55 Sqn Ops WO until 2017 when he got posted to 35 RGC in Quebec. The Army has given WO Fortin the opportunity to specialize in his areas of interest, which allowed him to get the postings that he wanted. Tony will continue in his field of expertise through other agencies.
    He will remain in Quebec city with his wife and two dogs.