WO/Adj Eric Flammand, CD

    WO Eric Flamand will be retiring on 30 November 2008, after 27+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces.

    WO Eric Flamand was born on the 03 Jan 1964 in Chicoutimi, Québec and grew up in the Saguenay region. He joined the CF in 1981 and, after completing Basic Training, he was posted to CFB Valcartier, QC for his basic artillery course. Upon successful completion of the course in Apr 82, he was posted to 2 RCHA in Petawawa, Ontario. He remained with this unit until 01 October 1986. During this time, he deployed with the unit to Cyprus. After a few years of blowing things up with his artillery guns and with a crazed zeal in his eyes, something must have jarred loose as he decided to complete an Occupational Transfer into the Firefighting trade. Upon completion of his QL3 training, he was posted to CFB North Bay, ON, filling the position of basic crewman from 31 August 1987 until 28 June 1993.

    In 1993 he was posted to CFB Halifax Nova Scotia and served on board HMCS Algonquin, HMCS Skeena, HMCS Iroquois and HMCS Ville De Quebec, as well as the Ship Personnel List. After sailing the mighty Atlantic, he was then posted in 1996 to 8 Wing Trenton. During the APS of 2001, he was posted back to 22 Wing North Bay for the second time, and remained there until 2004. During this time, he was promoted twice to MCpl and Sgt employed as a Crew Chief and Deputy Platoon Chief respectively.

    In the summer of 2004, he was posted to CFJNBCD Coy as a Decontamination Section leader. He was then promoted to WO in late 2007 and posted to Canadian Forces Fire Academy in January 2008, as the Senior Instructor of the QL 3 & 5 courses.

    Eric, his wife Louise, and daughter Melissa plan to remain in the Borden area as Eric will be employed with the CFB Borden Fire Department as an FR 2 Fire Inspector.

    A Depart with Dignity retirement luncheon will be held in his Honour on the 28th of November 2008 from 1230 hrs to 1530 hrs at the Juno Beach Mess, Dieppe Lounge, CFB Borden. If you are able to attend or want to send anecdotes please send them to MWO RG Anderson (705) 424-1200 Ext 2802 Anderson.rg2@forces.gc.ca or WO A. Provost at (705) 424-1200 Ext 7314 Provost.A@forces.gc.ca Please send no later then 27 October 2008.