WO/Adj D.W. Henningham, CD

    • WO/Adj D.W. Henningham, CD

    After more than 27 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, WO Daniel Henningham, CD, will retire on 07 April 2024. Anecdotes and well wishes may be sent to WO M.C.S. Vance at Matthew.Vance@forces.gc.ca.

    WO Daniel Henningham enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in February 1997 as a rifleman within the Infantry. After completing BMQ and Battle School, WO Henningham was posted to the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment (3 RCR) in Petawawa, Ontario. While serving with 3 RCR, WO Henningham deployed to Yugoslavia on Op PALLADIUM, Afghanistan on Op ATHENA, and once again with TF Afghanistan on Roto 6 as part of the Infantry Battle Group.

    In 2009, WO Henningham transferred occupations to Construction Tech and was posted to RP Ops in North Bay, Ontario, and then to 1 ESU in Kingston, Ontario, to support the operation and maintenance of CAF facilities. In 2022, WO Henningham was posted to RPOU (West) Det Wainwright and employed as a Contracts Officer.

    WO Henningham will retire this April after more than 27 years in the CAF and will join the public service at a position within RPOU(West).