WO/Adj D.J.E. Aubé, CD

    • WO/Adj D.J.E. Aubé, CD

    After 20 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers Branch, WO Dustin Aubé, CD, will retire on the 13 August 2022. At the member’s request, friends and colleagues are welcome to attend the Depart with Dignity ceremony, which will take place on 16 June 2022 at 1800 hrs at George restaurant, 433 Racine Street E, Chicoutimi.  Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to WO D. Huard at Donald.Huard@forces.gc.ca

    Warrant Officer Dustin Aubé was born in Halifax, NS, and raised in Bathurst, NB. He completed basic training in St Jean, QC, in 2002. Later that year, he was posted to the Canadian Forces Fire and CBRN Academy (CFFCA) in CFB Borden where he obtained his firefighting qualification.

    In 2003, WO Aubé was posted to CFB Bagotville, QC, and worked as a member of the Bagotville Fire Hall. After completing OJT, he returned to CFFCA for the DP2 course. Afterwards, he was posted to the CFB Shearwater Fire Hall in NS. From there, he was posted to H.M.C.S. Ville de Québec as a member of the ship’s company, sailing the east coast of Canada and the US. In 2008, WO Aubé deployed to the Mediterranean Sea to support the Active Endeavour mission. During this time at sea, the ship was re-tasked to the east coast of Africa for anti-piracy warfare and to support the World Food Program in Somalia.

    In 2010, WO Aubé was posted to Greenwood, NS, and tasked to OP NORTHERN DENIAL in Inuvik. He completed PLQ and was promoted to MCpl. He returned to the CFB Bagotville Fire Hall as a crew chief. A few years later, he completed the DP3 course and was promoted to Sgt. Once again, he was tasked to OP NORTHERN DENIAL and also deployed on OP IMPACT in Kuwait. He was then posted to 2 Wing as the senior Firefighter. As an active member of the Bagotville high readiness team, he deployed on OP REASSURANCE in Romania several times.

    Having served 20 years, WO Aubé will retire from the CAF on 13 August 2022. With his wife Jolene and their children, Gabriellea and Jerome, WO Aubé will move to Bathurst, NB, where a new chapter in his professional career awaits him as the Bathurst Deputy Fire Chief