WO/Adj Réjean Verreault, CD

    • WO/Adj Réjean Verreault, CD

    WO Réjean Verreault, CD, will retire, 14 June 2016 after 41+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF, CME Branch and the NDFS. - See attached bio.

    WO Verreault joined the CAF as Fire Fighter in March 1975. His postings included CFB Chatham, HMCS Nipigon, 3 Wg Bagotville. Réjean and his wife Maureen will reside in Bagotville where they plan to fully enjoy retirement spending their summers at their cottage at Mont Valin, Quebec.

    At the request of Réjean all are invited to a DWD (BBQ), at 3 Wg Bagotville Fire Service, 26 May 2016, 1200 hrs. Please RSVP NLT 24 May to MWO Yvon Roy 418-677-4000 ext. 7733, CSN 661-7733 or email. Messages, anecdotes or photos can be sent to MWO Yvon Roy

    WO Verreault joined the CAF in March 1975 as a Fire Fighter. After completing his recruit course #7515 at CFB St-Jean QC, he took an English course there and a driving course at CFB Borden before his QL 3 Fire fighter course # 7605 at CFSAOE/FFC Borden. In January 1977 upon completing his QL3 he received his first posting to CFB Chatham Fire Department NB. In April 1979 he was transferred to the HMCS Nipigon, Halifax, NS, transferred back to CFB Chatham in July 1981, promoted to MCpl in July 1986 and transferred to CFB Bagotville in June 1987. Promoted to Sgt July 1992 qualified QL6B in October 1993. He released from the Regular Forces in February 1998 to join 3 Wing Air Reserve until May 2011. Back to the Regular Armed Forces, posted to 2 ERC (Expeditionary Readiness Center) until April 2014 and returned to 3 Wing Fire Department to terminate his career. Without any deployment, he participated in many exercises as Exercise Amalgam Chief 86-2 Frobisher Bay, NWT, Exercise Quick Talk 86 at CFB Portage, BOX TOP III- 88 at CFS Alert, Exercise Amalgam Warrior 93 and 94 Iqaluit, Arctic winter games 2002 at Iqaluit, Exercise Op Nanook 2008 at Iqaluit, 3 Exercises to Wainwright with 2 Wing and Inuvik Op Northern Denial 14/15.

    He was employed as a Platoon Chief for the fire department during his last years of service in Bagotville. He married Maureen in July 1982 in Miramichi, NB with two children – Stephanie and Matthew Verreault. Réjean and his wife Maureen plan to fully enjoy retirement spending their summers at their cottage at Mont Valin, Quebec. He will always remember and treasure the many years that he worked for the National Defence Fire Service.