WO Vic J. Broszmann, CD

    WO Vic Broszmann is retiring on 3 Dec 08 after 23 years of dedicated service to the CF. He was born in Picton On, but grew up in Petawawa. He joined the Canadian Forces in Ottawa and started his military career in May 1986 at the Canadian Forces Recruit School in Cornwallis Nova Scotia. He joined the military in order to get away from Petawawa but, upon completion of basic training and basic Engineer training in Chilliwack, BC, he was then posted to 1 Troop, 2CER, CFB Petawawa.

    As a Sapper in 1 Troop he successfully completed many courses such as, aerial delivery, comms, and driver wheeled. During RV 87 in beautiful Wainwright he and his section were responsible for blowing up a Husky Oil pipeline during cratering operations. While in 1 Troop he won the Spr of the year award. In 1989 he was promoted to Cpl and got married. After his marriage he was sent to Chilliwack BC for his FD Engr QL 5 course. Once back in Petawawa he was sent on his Combat Leaders Course in 1990.

    In July of 1991 Cpl Broszmann was sent to CFB Borden to attend the EOD Basic course. After completion of the course it was back to 2 CER to carry on with Regimental life, exercises, and sports. During his first tour in 2 CER, Vic was very involved with many of the regimental sports teams like soccer, ball hockey, volley ball, and baseball. In 1992 he won the Regimental trophy for Sportsmanship of the Year.

    In April 1992 he was promoted to MCpl and was deployed to Kuwait, UNIKOM, and was the 2I/C of a field section. In 1993 he was posted to Esquimalt BC where he attended second language training for 1 year. Even though he was in the sandbox class he successfully graduated the French course. Upon completion of the French course he was posted to CFB Chilliwack to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME) in 1994.

    While at CFSME he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1996. During his sentence in CFSME he was an instructor in the BRWR cell for approx 2 years and was also an instructor in the MWD cell for 3 years. In 1997 CFSME closed its doors in BC and moved east to CFB Gagetown NB. After spending 5 years at the school, Sgt Broszmann was desperately looking for a posting.

    Finally in 1999 he was posted back to 2 CER and was promptly deployed on OP Kinetic to Pristina, Kosovo. While in Kosovo he was deployed as a section commander. After his tour in Kosovo he returned to Petawawa in 2000 and assumed the position as the Recce Sgt for 1 Troop.

    In April 2001 Sgt Broszmann was sent to Florida on his EOD (HB) course for a few months. While there he not only improved on his volleyball skills but acquired more EOD skills as well.

    In May 2003, Sgt Broszmann was sent once again to beautiful Wainwright for predeployment training for ROTO O, Kabul, Afghanistan, Op Athena. In June 2003 Sgt Broszmann volunteered for the IEDD course in CFB Borden. After successful completion of the course he was deployed to Afghanistan as the EOD Recce Sgt.

    In Jan 2004 Sgt Broszmann returned from Afghanistan in order to proceed on the 6B Troop WO course. After his course he was promoted to the rank of WO in June 2004 and became the 5 Tp WO, 24 Fd Sqn in 2 CER.

    In Sep 2004 WO Broszmann was posted to 23 FD Sqn as the EOD/IEDD Sp Tp WO for ROTO 3 deployment back to Kabul Afghanistan for a second tour. He deployed overseas in Jan 05 and returned in Aug 05. Four months later in Dec 05 WO Broszmann commenced the distance learning portion of the Intermediate Leadership Qualification course.

    Finally in May 2006 he was sent to St Jean Quebec in order to finish the residential portion of the leadership qualification. Upon completion of his course WO Broszmann was posted out of 2CER to Base Construction Engineers in July 2006.

    WO Broszmann will retire from the CF on the 4 Jan 2009 after 23 years of loyal and dedicated service.

    WO Broszmann and his wife Charlene and daughter Bryanna will continue to reside in the Petawawa area.