WO Pat Norwood, CD

    Warrant Officer Patrick Norwood is retiring after 24+ years of service. He originally started his Military Career with at the Battle School in CFB Shilo in Sept 83 being the first basic crse to be run there since WW2. Upon completion of his Basic Training, joined 1RCHA G Bty and seen sunny places like Suffield, Wainwright, Fort Sill Oklahoma, and Avalanche Control in Revelstoke B.C.

    Posted 1985 – 1989 to 1 RCHA Z Bty Lahr Germany for his Bratwurst / Beer drinking Medal.

    Posted 1989 back to G Bty 1RCHA Shilo then after a month was,

    Posted to 1 CDHSR in CFB Kingston. However, when he was with them he saw the light and after 7 + years he transferred to the PERI trade for those who remember what it was.

    After completion of 6 months of physical torture in CFB Borden he was posted back to CFB Kingston as a PERI and work at both the Base Gym and RMC from 1990 – 1993.

    Posted 1993 to CFS Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands only to close the Base in 1996 .

    Posted 1996 back to CFB Boren after successfully closing out CFS Masset he to help close out the PERI Trade till Mar 1997.

    Posted Mar.1997 to CFB Chilliwack, BC. to join the Engineers as an EGS Tech followed by a posting to CFB Comox in time to leave for the Ice Storms in Quebec back in 1998. That was the beginning of many road trips:

    Nov 1999 – Jun 2000 Kosovo, then Gagetown & Alert on TD for 2001,

    Jan. 2002 – Oct. 2002 Spent his time enjoying the Middle East,

    Oct 2003 – Apr.2004 CFS Alert ,

    Sept 2005 – Dec 2005 CFB Gagetown ,

    Feb. 2006 – Sept. 2006 the Afghan ( Middle East )

    While not on tour he spent most of his time on ANG Deployments, Silver Flag in Florida and Course’s in Gagetown.

    Jul 2007 was posted to CFB Wainwright which got delayed till Aug because of the floods. WO Norwood will be releasing and starting his retirement leave in the Comox Valley as of the 8 Jan 2008. Pat has not made permanent plans but is considering employment as a civilian golf course mechanic.