WO M.J. Cyr, CD

    • WO MJ Cyr, CD

    After more than 20 years of loyal service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, WO Micheal Cyr, CD will retire on 11 Aug 2021. Congratulatory messages and best wishes can be sent to WO S.J. Carroll at Sean.Carroll@forces.gc.ca.

    After almost 21 years of service, WO Micheal Cyr will retire on 11 August 2021. Born in Winnipeg and raised in Steinbach, Manitoba, WO Cyr enrolled in the CAF on 04 Oct 2000 as an Infanteer and headed directly to the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) in Richelain, Quebec for recruit training. He spent the seven years of his Infantry career with 1 PPCLI completing QL3, QL5, PLQ, Coyote Turret Operator, and LOSV training. He deployed to Afghanistan twice and was promoted to MCpl in September of 2006.

    In 2007, he re-mustered to Geomatics Technician and was posted to the Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) in Ottawa, Ontario. By May 2009, he had completed QL5 training. Following a promotion to MCpl in April 2010, WO Cyr completed the Terrestrial Survey Technician course. In 2012, he became the Survey Troop Section 2I/C at MCE. After completing QL6A in 2013, he was promoted to Sgt and received the Canadian Forces Decoration that April.

    In September 2013, Micheal Cyr was posted to the Drafting and Survey (D&S) Section at 1 Engineer Support Unit (1ESU) in Kingston, Ontario. He played an integral role in establishing the new D&S trade and a standard of surveying within the Section that is still followed to this day. During his time at 1ESU, he led various surveying projects in Wainwright, Petawawa, Rankin Inlet, Jamaica, and Belize. In July 2015, he returned to MCE as the Survey Troop Section I/C.

    After a year with MCE, Mike was posted to the Geo position at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME). While at CFSME, he assisted with instructing the D&S DP2 courses and the D&S DP3A course. In December 2018, he completed the Geo Tech QL6B course and in December 2020, he was promoted to his current rank of Warrant Officer. Shortly thereafter, WO Cyr made the decision to retire from the CAF and to stay in Upper Gagetown, New Brunswick, with his wife, Karmen, and their two sons, Augustine and Ren.