WO James Lippert, CD

    • WO James Lippert, CD

    Warrant Officer James Lippert has finally decided to retire after 35 plus years from the Regular Canadian Armed Forces while serving in all the branches of Army, Airforce and Navy.

    James was born in Kitchener, Ontario (lived in Maryhill) and enrolled into the military in Kitchener, 29 Jun 1976. He started Basic Training in Cornwallis NS 09 July 1976 and was posted to 3 RCR (Petawawa) from Sep 1976 to Mar 1977 on his TQ 3 Course.

    He was posted to 3 Mech CDO, Baden Germany on completion of trades course in 1977 and remained there until 1980. James' remuster came through to Construction Engineer Procedures Tech 631 and was posted back to Canada to Air Command HQ, Winnipeg in Aug 1980 as I/C OR. He completed his TQ 5 training at CFSME in April 1981 and posted to Sioux Lookout Ontario as the AdmO for the CE Section. He was promoted to MCpl and posted CFB Toronto as the Works Control Supervisor in July 1983.

    He left CFB Toronto in July 1985 on his Goldwing motorcyle and trailer and his favourite Sheep Dog to fill a year long position in the dark depths of Holberg on Vancouver Island. James then was transferred to CFB Baden Germany in the CE section as the Work Control Supervisor on the 1 CAG side, again with his faithful companion Shaggy, his sheep dog. In Jul of 1986. 1987 he was promoted to Sergeant, met his bride to be, Alexia and both of them and their four dogs now were posted to CFB Petawawa as the Production Scheduler for CE. James and Alexia, married in Feb 1990 and started to increase the family with Children. 1992, James was promoted to Warrant Officer and took over as WO of CE accounts.

    APS 1994 James was selected to be on the one year French course at the Language School in Esquimalt. APS 1995 James moved back to Chilliwack to Alexia, 2 sons, Brayden and Koaddy and soon to be born, Joshua and Mikaya, who had already moved. James took over as the Construction Engineering Procedures Cell Commander in CETS at CFSME Chilliwack as the Snr Instructor.

    WO Lippert 's inter school trans in CFSME Chilliwack as the OPS WO/HQ CSM in 1996. He remained at Eng School until he took over the role for the Assnt to the MoveO, for closeout of the school in Chilliwack and moved everything to Gagetown. At that time, James made a big decision of his career to MWO or Leave his family again to keep a strong foundation for the children. Dec 1997 the trade amalgamated and rolled over to the new trade as Resource Management Services 00298. April 1998, James start his new job in G1 39 Bde, in Vancouver as a RMS Clkin the role of Acting Superintendent for 39 Bde and other roles until July 2003. He then took the role as Chief Ships Writer at HMCS DISCOVERY in Stanley Park, and played the game wearing their Navy uniform, wearing a ball cap and growing a beard.

    In July of 2008, WO Lippert was returned to his family after10 years of Imposed Restriction (IR) in Vancouver and took up his final role as Chief Clerk at ASU Chilliwack. After his release James has accepted a new career with Defence Construction Canada down the hall here at ASU Chilliwack, BC in the role as a CEP/ RMS co-ord type position.

    His last working day will be 02 Jun 11. We will be saying Good Bye at a Unit Mess Dinner the 2nd of June. We will send him off then.

    Any stories or well wishes can be forwarded to WO A.P. (Sandy) MacDonald email: Alexander.Macdonald2@forces.gc.ca or call (604) 858-1011 Ext 1172.