WO Gary W. Weatherhead, CD

    WO Gary Weatherhead will be retiring on the 20 April 2009, after 25 + years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces.

    WO Gary Weatherhead joined the CF in 1983 and completed his Basic Training and Infantryman Training under the YTEP program at CFB Wainwright. Upon successful completion of his courses in April 84, he was posted to 1 PPCLI in Calgary. He remained with this unit until 02 January 1989. During this time, he had the unique opportunity to serve four years with Recce Platoon. While serving in the Combat Arms he married his lovely wife Leah, who remained very supportive over the next upcoming twenty years in the CF. Wanting to venture into another trade, he decided to complete an Occupational Transfer into the Firefighting trade. Upon completion of his QL3 training, he was posted to CFB Trenton, Ontario, filling the position of crewman from 08 May 1989 until 27 June 1993.

    In 1993 he was posted to CFB Esquimalt British Columbia and served onboard HMCS Annapolis. During his sea posting he participated in a trade embargo off the coast of Haiti. In 1996, he was posted to 19 Wing Comox, and remained there until 2002. During this time, he served tours in both Bosnia and Kosovo and was promoted to MCpl.

    In 2002 he was posted to JNBCD Coy in Decontamination Platoon at 8 Wing Trenton. He was than promoted to Sgt in late 2004 and posted FA (P) on the West Coast. During his ship tour he sailed onboard HMCS Algonquin, HMCS Regina and HMCS Protecteur.

    In APS 2005 he received a posting to Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental Test Range in Nanoose British Columbia as the Detachment Fire Chief. He remained at this position until 2008 and was promoted to WO. In APS 2008 he received a posting to 14 Wing Greenwood as a Platoon Chief.

    Gary and his wife Leah plan to relocate to southern Ontario and are looking forward to moving closer to immediate family.