WO Garnet Hunter, CD

    Pte Hunter joined the CF in 1981, as an Infantry Reservist serving with the West Nova Scotia Regiment in Aldershot, NS. He completed his GMT, TQ1 Infantry, TQ2 Armoured Defence Crse, Junior NCO Crse, TQ3 Infantry - Sgt’s crse and Snr NCO Crse. He was promoted to Cpl in June 1982 and MCpl in June 1984

    MCpl Hunter transferred to the Reg F as an Infantry Pte in 1985, joining the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry’s 3rd Battalion in Victoria, BC. He was promoted to Cpl in July 1987 and to MCpl in December 1987. He deployed to Cyprus in 1988, and Croatia in 1992. He completed the Mortar, Machine Gun, ISCC - Infantry Section Commanders Crse, and Small Arms Instructors crse. He competed as a member of the Battalion, Base, Regional, and Brigade hockey teams.

    He was promoted to Sgt in July 1993 and subsequently posted as a member of the RSS - Regular Force Support Staff to the West Nova Scotia Regiment. While posted he performed many staff and instructional duties. He also had the privilege of instructing Sgt Tighe on his Reserve CLC course.

    Sgt Hunter was posted back to the PPCLI regimental family in 1996 to the 1st Battalion, Bravo Company Forward in Edmonton AB. He deployed to Bosnia in 1997 and during this tour received his Occupational Transfer to Geomatics Technician and subsequently demoted to Cpl.

    Cpl Hunter reported to Mapping and Charting Establishment in January 1998, completed his training in March 2000 and was promoted to MCpl. He then deployed to Multi-National Brigade Headquarters South West in Bosnia, where he was very fortunate too deploy with then MCpl Simpkin. He was promoted to Sgt in April 2002 and deployed to Kandahar Airfield working in the predecessor to the ASIC.

    Sgt Hunter was posted to DHTC Dwyer Hill Training Centre in 2004 and while there was deployed to Afghanistan.

    He was promoted to WO in June 2005 and returned to the Mother Ship in 2007 where he was employed as the Technical Warrant Officer in GI&S Sqn. In April 2008 he was moved to the School of Military Mapping at Algonquin College and since August 2008 he’s been the Course Warrant for the QL5A Geomatics Technician Courses. Garnet and his wife Linda will be staying in the Ottawa area. He’s transferring to the Reserve Force as a Class A member. After a well deserved weekend off he reported to ESRI Canada on the following Monday. He looks forward to working with all of you in the future. CHIMO!