WO Eugene Underhill, CD

    WO Underhill will be releasing from the CAF 15 Mar 2017 and his DWD will be held at the Centurion Mess TC Meaford on 30 March 2017. The DWD will begin as the TGIT winds down @ 1530hrs. If anyone would like further details or would like me to pass on information to WO Underhill, please do not hesitate to contact the OPI; WO / Adj Terry von Stackelberg, CD Pl Comd / Integrated Personnel Support Centre Meaford (IPSC Meaford)

    Canadian Armed Forces Terence.vonstackelberg@forces.gc.ca / Tel: 519-538-1371 ext 6838 / CSN: 260-6838 / BB 519-270-0481 

    WO Eugene Underhill joined the CAF in 1987 in Sudbury Ontario. Upon graduation from basic training in Cornwallis, he was posted to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering in Chilliwack BC. After completion of his TQ3, he was posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. 

    WO Underhill served in Cyprus in 1990, UNIKOM (United Nation Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission in 1991, and Croatia in 1992. After his return home from Croatia, he was Posted to CFB Chilliwack Base Ops. In 1995 WO Underhill was posted back to 1 CER. 1996 he moved to Edmonton when the Regiment was relocated. WO Underhill then returned to Chilliwack and completed his 042 Heavy Equipment training, and upon completion of his Heavy equipment training he returned to CFB Edmonton. While in Edmonton with 1 CER, he was awarded the Chief of Defence Staff Accommodation.  He also deployed to KOSOVO with 1 CER in 1999.

    In 2004 WO Underhill was then posted to LFCA TC Meaford, (4th CDTC). During his time in Meaford, WO Underhill instructed on many SQ, BMQL, Basic Demolition and Dud destruction, drivers and DP1 courses. In 2012, WO Underhill was placed in the CE (Construction Engineer) shop as the Construction Engineering WO. He was promoted to the Construction Engineering Officer role in 2013. In his assignment as CEO, he was the project manager for over 80 projects such as reshaping Warner Hill, building outdoor classrooms, the new Ammo Admin building, the new fencing around 80% of the base and the backup generator for M-206 to mention a few.

    Throughout WO Underhill’s career, he played broomball for not only the CAF and base teams but also played for the province of BC, Alberta, Ontario at the Canadian Championships, and played for team Canada at the world championships.

    Eugene and his spouse Naemi, intend to retire in the Owen Sound area. Eugene’s son Caelan is in Timmins Ontario where he has completed the Fire Fighter course and is well on his way to complete the paramedic program, and where he is also a member of The Algonquin Regiment. Nolan, his youngest son, is in grade nine and plays rugby for the Collingwood Titans.