WO Curtis McInnis, CD

    • WO Curtis McInnis, CD

    Warrant Officer Curtis McInnis joined the CF in Sydney, N.S. on 25 April 1989. On completion of his DP1 he was posted to 22 Fd Sqn (now 4 Engineer Support Regiment), CFB Gagetown where he was employed for fifteen years. He was promoted to Cpl in April 1994 after completion of his Combat Diver Crse. Promoted to the rank of MCpl in 2000 and Sgt 2003. During his time with 4ESR he completed a variety of courses including Combat Diver, Advanced Water Supply, and Urban Operations Instructor and was employed in a wide variety of roles including mechanized and light engineer operations as a section member, IC, Dive Storesman and Recce Sgt with both the Field Troop and Resources Troop.

    Warrant Officer McInnis was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer in July 2009 and posted back to 4 ESR where he was employed as a Fd Tp WO and Ops WO. After two years with 4 ESR he was posted to 37 CER, 1 ES Fredericton where he helped stand up 1 ES as an Ops WO. In July of 2014 he was posted to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME) at CFB Gagetown NB where he worked with the Field Engineer Training Squadron as an Instructor with Bridging, Mine Warfare and Demolition Cell.

    Over the course of his career Warrant Officer McInnis has served on several domestic operations including Op Salon (the Oka Crisis) Red River Flood in Manitoba in 1997, the Quebec Ice Storm and Swiss Air 1998. He also completed five operational tours including Croatia 1994, Bosnia 1999, Eritrea 2001, Afghanistan 2003 and Haiti 2010. WO McInnis also attended Trade Winds 2014 in Dominican Republic with the USMC to instruct Urban Operations to Caribbean Nations.

    WO McInnis will be retiring with 29 plus years from the Canadian Forces. He will remain in the Fredericton area where he will continue to work with the Red Cross doing logistical planning for the Atlantic Provinces and spend time with his two sons Matt and Brayden of whom he is truly proud.

    WO Curtis McInnis, CD retires from the Canadian Armed Forces on the 29th of January 2019 after 29+ years of dedicated service to the CAF and the CME Branch. Friends and colleagues are welcome to attend his depart with dignity presentation function which will take place at CFSME Gagetown; Bldg J-10, Commandant’s Assembly Area on the 8th of February 2019 at 1300hrs.  Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can be sent to MWO Brian Snook by the 20th of January 2019  brian.snook@forces.gc.ca