WO Craig Lynch, CD

    • WO Craig Lynch, CD

    After more than 22 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, WO Craig Lynch, CD, will retire 10 Jan 2019. 

    On the 25th day of November 1993, a young WO Craig Lynch enrolled in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment finishing his basic training in March of 1994. Shortly after which, he completed his trade specific training in August 94’ at the Reserve Battle School. WO Lynch then decided that he would turn his part-time job into a full-time career by component transferring to the regular force. Approximately one year later, on the 1st day of July 96’, he would be the proud member of the Royal Canadian Regiment.

    During his time with the RCR, he deployed to Kosovo in the year 2000 earning the Canadian Peacekeeping service medal and NATO-Kosovo Bar. In March 2003, WO Lynch decided to voluntary occupational transfer to Military Firefighters and remains a Military Firefighter to present day. In January 2004, he completed his QL3 Firefighter course at CFB Borden. In May 2004 he was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood Fire Emergency Services. After which, in January 2006, he completed his QL5 Firefighter course and received his Canadian Decoration in CFB Borden. In July 2008, WO Lynch was posted to the east coast assigned to work with the navy on the ships. He served on the HMCS Halifax, Montreal, Charlottetown, and Preserver. During that time, March 2011, he completed his QL6 at CFB Borden. He was then awarded the responsibility of Platoon Chief at 12 Wing Shearwater until he was eventually posted back to the ships in July 2014. He then served on the HMCS Halifax, Toronto, and Fredericton. In the summer of 2018, he received his Canadian decoration 1st clasp. Finally, July 2018, after serving more than 20 years honourable service in the Canadian Armed Forces, he was posted to the Real Property Operations Section Halifax as an integral part of the Operations and Training Team.

    A Depart with Dignity Ceremony will take place at the Lions Head Tavern in Halifax, on TBC.  Attendees are requested to advise the OPI of their planned attendance NLT 11 Jan 19.  Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI by e-mail.

    OPI:  WO Stephen Horne, email at Stephen.horne@Forces.gc.ca or by phone at 613-722-4359.