WO Corey Willcott, CD

    • WO Cory Wilcott, CD

    Warrant Officer Corey Willcott joined the Canadian Armed Forces in October 1996. He completed basic training in December of that year achieving the top candidate award. In January 1997, he attended his QL3 in Chilliwack, BC graduating as Combat Engineer. Upon graduating that May he was posted to 4 Engineer Support Regiment in CFB Gagetown, NB, and then immediately deployed to Winnipeg for the Red River Flood relief. Warrant Officer Willcott then continued on to complete various deployments and courses over the following few years.

    In 1999 he was sent on his first deployment to Bosnia followed by deployments to Eretria in 2001, Afghanistan in 2003, Senegal in 2005 and Afghanistan in 2007 and 2012.

    During his career, he completed many specialty courses including Basic Paratrooper, Combat Diver, Jump Master, Military Free Fall Parachutist and Pathfinder. He also completed many overseas courses with other nations including the Swedish Advanced Winter Warfare course, Polish Paratrooper course, British Search course and the NATO Operations and Planning course. Warrant Officer Willcott also received honorary jump wings from Germany, United States, Mexico and Great Britain.
    Warrant Officer Willcott proudly completed 22 years of service and is now living in Fredericton with his son Tristan and girlfriend Laura. He looks forward to spending his retirement with them and his close friends and family.

    Warrant Officer Willcott would like to thank everyone he has served with over the years for influencing his life in such a positive way and he hopes that he has been able to do the same for them.