WO A.R. Burden, CD

    On 31 October 2007, after 21 + years of loyal and dedicated service to the CF, the Engineer Branch and Country, Warrant Officer Alan Burden will retire from the CF.

    WO Burden joined the Canadian Forces in October 1983 as a YTEP Safety Systems Technician. Following his Safety System training and being forced to remuster to MSE OP or Supply he decided to return to Newfoundland to seek greater opportunities. After a two year stint working at a GM garage he decided to give the Military another shot. He rejoined in October 1986 as a Refrigeration Mechanical Technician. Upon completion of his TQ3 course in May 1987, he was posted to Gander Newfoundland. He returned to CFB Chilliwack in Jul 1988 where he successfully completed his TQ5 course. During his posting in Gander he was deployed to the Golan Heights from Dec 1991- May 1992. In Jul 1993 WO Burden was posted to MTSC Meaford, Ont.

    He learned very quickly what the Army was all about when he was in Meaford and the RCR Battle School moved there from Petawawa in 1994. As with all postings he made the best of it, participated in all activities and enjoyed his time there immensely. In 1996 the Support Services in Meaford were contracted out to a private company and it was time to move on to 4ESR.

    While in 4ESR he was heavily involved in the stand-up of 74 Construction Troop which is still an integral troop within 4ESR. While not working on his soldier skills, he was employed as a Troop Storesman, Assistant SQMS and eventually the SQMS for 45 Squadron Headquarters. During this posting he was promoted to MCpl in Dec 1998. In early 2000 during the career manager visit, WO Burden though he had won the jackpot as he received his posting preference back to 9 Wing Gander.

    During his time in Gander he was the RM Shop Supervisor, participated in most wing activities from the Hazmat Team to the Combined Mess committee. He was also a Mag/Tag Team leader and participated in many Arrestor Barrier Deployments. While employed in Gander he also had a short deployment to Alert. He worked so hard and impressed so many people that he was promoted to Sgt and posted to the “Center of Excellence” CFSME.

    WO Burden has enjoyed his time at CFSME as both instructor and Cell Commander. When presented with an opportunity to provide his family some stability he accepted an indeterminate position with the CE Section at 3 ASG Gagetown in the Refrigeration Shop.

    Alan and his wife Valerie have a son, AJ (10) and daughter, Sara (5). There will be a luncheon held at the Minglers Pub, Oromocto, NB at a latter date. Messages and antidotes can be sent to WO Fralick (Fralick WO DP@CFSME@Gagetown)