WO Allen Pribyl, CD

    WO Pribyl enrolled in 1988 as 031 Infantry, completed basic training and it was noted that the medical category was wrongly issued which required a remuster or release. Member elected to release as cook was the only trade avail at the time and member was apt to burning water. Member re-enrolled as 831 Admin clerk in 1989 then sent directly to CFSAL for QL3 training; chosen as course senior for entire course, yeah! Posted to CFB Cold Lake in Jan 1990; originally employed at Reception and Dispatch in the Base Admin Centre. Completed QL4, and then moved to base Records. In 1993, completed QL5 Admin Clerk course (met future wife), and was moved into the Chief Clerk position for Base Ops & Training. Member then sent to Wainwright to complete JNCO Army (newly classified CLC) in 1994. Member was sent to Golan Heights in May 1995 – Nov 1995; employed in Contingent OR and then moved to RSMs Clerk. Posted while in theatre to HMCS ALGONQUIN. Arrived on ship in Jan 1996; hastily learned ship life and how sea-sick a person could get. Traveled to San Diego, Japan, Russia, Korea, and Hawaii; spent 24 days at sea without seeing land. Employed in the Ships Office as Records Clerk and later Coxswains Writer. Finally appointed as Ship’s Office 2i/c.

    Remustered to Water Fuels and Environmental Tech in Jan 1999 with a posting to CFSME Gagetown. Member was then posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake with the WFE Section. Learned Waste water treatment, Water Treatment, Swimming Pool operation, HAZMAT response and cleanup, Aviation fuel systems Operations & Maintenance. Completed two Boxtops in CFS ALERT as well as a SLTA replacement. Completed QL4 package then was sent to FOL Sites (Rankin Inlet, Yellowknife, and Inuvik to devise a way to manage their water cisterns more effectively to enable the sites to be manned on short notice with minimal effort. It was then back to school, attended and was awarded Top Student on QL5A course in CFSME Gagetown. Dec, 2002, promoted to MCpl. Then in Aug 2003 member was sent to Golan Heights in which he maintained Water and Wastewater infrastructure and maintained the Firefighting Reservoir (aka Pool). WO Pribyl got married while on HLTA in Jan 2004 to wife Dorothy, who blessed him with an instant family. Ryan (12), Shaelyn (10) and Adam(8). Attended QL6A course in CFSME from Sep 2004 – Nov 2004, became second by ¼ of a percent. On 24 May 2005 WO Pribyl had our baby girl Sarah (now 3). Promoted to Sgt Dec 2005. 7 Dec 2005 – 23 Jun 2006, deployed to TSE Afghanistan (Camp Mirage), employed as WFE Tp Comd and for two months as Contracts WO. Member then posted to 2 Combat Engineering Regiment Petawawa Jul 2005; followed by employment with the WFE Section from Aug 2006-Mar 2007, first as Project NCO then moved to I/C of section with the retirement of its Sgt. Once the Regiment returned from Afghanistan, member worked as SQMS for 25 Support Squadron from Apr – Aug 2007. Then transferred to the Construction Troop as WFE Det Commander, followed by Ops NCO (CT 2i/c). Back to school again to attended QL6B course in CFSME Gagetown. Awarded the class Peer Award. Upon return to Petawawa member is appointed CT WO. Promoted to WO 2 Jul 2008 and Trade Assigned to Construction Engineering Superintendant. Accepted a posting to current position as Chief Contracts Inspector for ASU (Toronto) on 14 Jul 2008.

    Retirement plans are to move family to Medicine Hat Alberta, buying land, and building a home. Member has current job offers, mostly requiring some time away from family, so no commitments as of yet. WO Pribyl is hopeful with getting a job with the City of Medicine Hat where he may be employed within the Trade Specialty of Water and Wastewater; this will ultimately allow him to spend more time with his family.

    A formal luncheon is the members wish and the location has yet to be determined. All members / units who wish to send anecdotes, stories / best wishes may send to MWO Carlson: Dean.Carlson@forces.gc.ca or in my absence Capt Sultana: Steve.Sultana@forces.gc.ca