WO Al MacPhersosn, CD

    After graduating TQ 3 training at CFSME in Chilliwack, BC he joined the ranks of the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment in Chilliwack.

    During his time as a Field Engineer, he had postings to Cold Lake and Suffield until returning to 1 CER when he remustered in 1987 to CE Tech.

    After successfully completing his TQ 3 course, WO MacPherson spent the next 5 Loooong years in Cornwallis, NS.

    After his penance in Cornwallis, WO MacPherson was posted to 1 ESU (formerly 1 CEU). Arguably the best Engineering unit in Canada, he managed to stay under the career manager’s radar for 11 years with this unit, the highlight of his career.

    In 2003, WO MacPherson was posted to CFB Halifax where he spent the next 3 years as 2 I/C of Internal Systems and contracting.

    From 2006 to the present, WO MacPherson has called 14 Wing his home and was employed as CEF WO, Plan O, and briefly filled in as Util O and Prod O.

    Between tours and TAVs, WO MacPherson has been to CFS Alert 5 times, and both Bosnia and Camp Mirage 3 times, in addition short TAVs to Haiti and the Golan Heights.

    WO Al MacPherson has accepted a position with DCC in Greenwood and is happily putting down roots in the Annapolis Valley, NS.