Vince Clark

CMEA Commendation - Major G. Vincent Clark, CD (Ret’d)

The Canadian Military Engineers Association commends Vince Clark for his exceptional dedication and service towards the preservation of the archives of the Association. Vince Clark saw the need to properly archive and preserve the written records of the Military Engineers Association of Canada. Using this initiative and his extensive familiarity with the organization and its workings, he carefully compiled and arranged these records. Vince Clark’s work extended over many years and has resulted in a cataloguing of almost a century’s records of the operation of the MEAC. The professional standard of archiving achieved allows these records to be readily available and preserved for future reference.

Vince Clark’s foresight in undertaking this project and his dedication to this project has provided an invaluable contribution to the Canadian Military Engineers Museum in the form of a fond that is highly organized, fully indexed, and catalogued to a great depth.

Date Awarded 
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Award Type 
CMEA Commendation
Rank at time of award 
Major (Ret'd)