Update CMEA Engineer in Need Support - Sgt Larry Ramore (Ret'd)

Col Comdt Steve Irwin, Larry Ramore and Branch CWO Ron Swift
Publication Date 
09 Jun 2016

by CWO RG Swift

Sgt Larry Ramore retired from the CAF in 2009 after serving with the Engrs for over 24 years (Cbt Engr and Constr Tech at 4 ESR). Over the years, he developed chronic back and neck pain, as well as Crohn’s Disease. He had moved to the Philippines to join his girlfriend and the temperate climate also eased his medical symptoms.

When Larry’s health worsened in February of this year, he reached out to those he knew for help. Larry did not have a health plan that covered his growing medical expenses and it became apparent that he had to return to Canada if he wished to receive treatment. A “GoFundMe” account was started with a goal of $5000 to get him back home to Guelph, ON.

Over the next couple of months several key players worked in concert to raise money and organize the assistance required. Eleven chapters of the CMEA combined their efforts to raise money along with the Legions Poppy Fund, and the GoFundMe account. Together they were able to exceed the required amount. The Atlantic Retired Sappers Association and many individuals also made contributions towards this worthy cause. This money was coordinated by the Legion and the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines to pay for some of his immediate medical bills and to make travel arrangements.

I am happy to announce that Larry is currently in Guelph, ON and very grateful to all those who helped him. The funds raised even gave him a little extra to get him back on his feet back in Canada.

The CMEA will always help a Sapper in need. Welcome home Larry!