A Tribute to Derrick Manning and David Hynes

Publication Date 
05 Dec 2014

By Paul J. Crickard and Mike Gadde

This is a tribute to two well-respected long-serving members of the Alberta Industrial Fire Protection Association – Fire Chief Derrick Manning, Shell Albian Sands Ltd. and Former Fire Chief David Hynes, Canadian Natural Resources and most recently ATCO Electric Edmonton

Derrick and David had a passion for their families, their country and the fire service.

The core values of the Canadian Armed Forces are “Duty, Loyalty, Integrity and Courage.” Anyone who knew Derrick and David will agree that those values would describe the two of them to a T. Their commitment to these values was evident every day in their professional, personal and family lives.


Derrick and David served our country with honour for over 20 years as members in the Canadian Armed Forces. It was as members they answered their calling and became members of the fire service.

Their duty and service as fire fighters, and eventually fire chiefs, continued well after their military careers, eventually leading their families to Fort McMurray.

Derrick and David always felt it was their obligation to ensure their knowledge and experience was shared with new recruits. This in actuality became their legacy.


It was in the forces where they first met and formed a lifelong friendship. From there up until their passing, they remained inseparable as friends. In the words of John Hynes David’s brother “For all intents and purposes David and Derrick were as close as brothers.” Anyone who was called a friend to either one of them knew that they could rely on them for anything; they were always there in your time of need.


Throughout their careers and lives, they were well-respected and looked upon for their leadership, experience, and respect for others. They treated every person they met with honour and respect.


Derrick and David’s courage can be exemplified by how they lived their lives, serving in the Forces, becoming fire fighters and finally, how they fought until the very end.

During the final stages of their lives, their courage never faltered. They were focused on the people who meant the most to them, their families and their friends.

Derrick and David both had an extreme sense of humour. They loved life, loved their families, and were genuine down to earth individuals and fun to be around. In the words of Don Cherry “they were a couple of beauties.”

Derrick Manning was born in St John’s, Newfoundland and passed away on November 27, 2013, at the age of 51 years in Edmonton, Alberta. He is survived by his loving wife Miranda and son

Donald. David Hynes was born in Port au Port, Newfoundland and passed away on December 31, 2013 at the age of 54 years in Edmonton, Alberta. He is survived by his loving wife Bonnie, daughter Ashley, and son-in-law Buu.

Derrick and David’s memories will live on in and through their families as they will in each and every member of the Alberta Industrial Fire Protection Association.

Remember Derrick and David as they would have wished for us to “Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.