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    We regret to advise of the sudden death of Tracy Kathleen Braun on 15 October 2014 at her home in Ottawa at age 48.

    Tracy and had a very successful 27-year career with Department of National Defence. Her first job was as a summer student at CFB London. Later she worked as a 'casual' with DND in Victoria and then as a full-time clerk working in both the Base Construction and Base Comptroller Branches. Tracy moved to Ottawa in 1994 and worked as a clerk and subsequently with the Unexploded Ordnance group and then with War Graves as a Real Property Advisor responsible for deployed operations.

    Tracy was best known for her real property support to the operational missions of the Canadian Forces. Most notable was her work in disposing of the Canadian facilities in Afghanistan and the Middle East as the CAF withdrew from Kandahar and the support bases for that mission. In addition, she was instrumental in a project to find and preserve existing graves of Canadians and their dependents who had passed away in Europe and to install suitable memorial cairns - including a number for babies and children buried overseas.

    As part of the ADM(IE) transformation, Tracy then worked with Real Property Operations group as the Real Property Advisor for Central/North. Here she looked after real property transactions for the National Capital Region and deployed locations.

    A Celebration of Life ceremony will take place on the 10 December 2014 at the RCAF Officer’s Mess located at 158 Gloucester St. Ottawa. A Family Celebration of Life will be held later at her favourite spot in British Columbia. Tracy’s family has created a bank account to help her daughter Haleigh continue her education. Donations can be made through the Royal Bank ( Account Number: 01760-003-5044706 ).

    To honour the memory of Tracy Braun, the Canadian Forces Real Property Operations Group, with support from the Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment) have created the Tracy Braun Memorial Award. Nominees must have demonstrated excellent work or performance at an unusually high level or over an extended period of time that has positively affected the ability of operational commanders to execute their missions. {khMar2016}