Tracy Braun Memorial Award

Maj Craig Crawley a été le premier récipiendaire du prix Tracy Braun Memorial Award.  (L-R // G-D)  CWO/Adjuc Gilles Caouette, Col Darlene Quinn, Maj Craig Crawley and/et MWO // Adjum Garnet Knight.
The Late Tracy Braun
Publication Date 
15 Mar 2016

Background: Tracy Braun Memorial Award

To honour the memory of Tracy Braun, the Canadian Forces Real Property Operations Group (CF RP Ops Gp), with support from the Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment) have created the Tracy Braun Memorial Award. The award consists of a large plaque upon which the names of all recipients will be engraved. The plaque will be displayed at CF RP Ops Gp HQ, and each recipient will receive a smaller plaque.


Tracy was best known for her exceptional real property support to the operational missions of the CAF. Most notable was her work disposing of facilities in Afghanistan and the Middle East as the CAF withdrew from Kandahar and the support bases for that mission. Her efforts, based on an equal measure of hard work and interpersonal skills, ensured both best value for the Crown, as well as a seamless handover process. In addition, she was instrumental in a project to find and preserve existing graves of Canadians and their dependents who had passed away in Europe, and install memorial cairns, including a number for babies and children buried overseas.

As part of the ADM(IE) transformation, Tracy was reassigned to the CF RP Ops Gp in the summer of 2013 to look after real property transactions for the National Capital Region and deployed locations. Always first to volunteer to help friends and coworkers, Tracy’s outgoing personality and determination made her stand out among the group.


Nominees must have demonstrated excellent work or performance at an unusually high level or over an extended period of time that has positively affected the ability of operational commanders to execute their missions.


Each year, a call letter will be sent at the beginning of April to Base and Wing Commanders across the country to request nominations. Nominations must be received NLT 15 May, and should be sent to the attention of the CF RP Ops Gp Formation CWO. The recipient(s) will be chosen by the CF RP Ops Gp Command Team.


This summer, Maj Craig Crawley (centre, right), from the Real Property Operations Detachment in Borden, Ont., was the first recipient of the award. Col Darlene Quinn (centre, left), former Commander of the CF Real Property Operations Group (CF RP Ops Gp) presents the award, accompanied by former CWO of the CF RP Ops Gp, Gilles Caouette (left), and MWO Garnet Knight (right), from Detachment Borden.